My warmest thank you to both of you for creating this wonderful ‘love and light’ context! For this I’m truly thankful and grateful. Thank you for supporting me on my life journey and exploring my true Self. I will for sure engage and ‘show up’ more in my life. I will stretch this ‘muscle’ as I’ve been stretched during the absolutely beautiful yoga sessions! Love always, – Eva Johansson,  Sweden

The yoga retreat brought such stillness to my soul and joy to my heart. Marisa is a wonderful teacher and brought genuine love for the discipline of yoga to me. – Olga Nardy, South Africa

Words really can’t express my gratitude for all I am taking with me after this week. My heart is open, truly open for what may be the first time in years. I look forward to a lifetime of explorations of the world and my Self – a possibility that is now open and available to me. Standing for the best in you always, love – Vivian Bernstein, USA

I am eternally grateful for your creation and offering of a spectacular Journey to Self Retreat. I am experiencing my highest Self and loving each and every moment. The Universe and I are having so much fun. I am in awe how much fun it is to be in Flow with the Universe! Much love, respect and appreciation to both of you and your loving partners. – Porchia Sprague, South Africa

Thank you for all the experience of Love, Trust and Hope.-  Larissa Al Rammal, Sweden

What a fabulous timing in terms of what I needed and was searching for. I feel privileged to get this opportunity to have met you.  Thank you Marcel and Marisa. I have been asking for such a long time and now I have the answers, I have been heard – I matter – it is so empowering.-  Megan Kluyts, South Africa

A privilege to meet and have fellowship with you both. The harmonious instruction of yoga and consciousness was very powerful. Thank you! –  Jennie Raine, Australia

Thank you Marcel and Marisa!  What a lovely retreat and workshops. You guys are awesome and the journey of transformation that you offer is filled with lots and lots of unconditional love. I thank you for your contribution to my personal journey and will cherish it for life. Lots of love and blessings – Sheron Davids, South Africa

Dear Marcel and Marisa. I hope the Universe brings you all that you expect and look for to thank you for the huge opportunity that came into my life. Being able to belong to such an amazing retreat of coaching, yoga sessions and such a wonderful group. I was able to achieve everything I was looking for. – Catia Feliciano, Portugal

Thank you Marcel and Marisa. It was an honor to be on this retreat. What I have learnt in this past week is immeasurable! Thank you for all the love, it was extraordinary. I have found 12 new friends (soul mates) and no one can take that away! Love and hugs to you both. – Samila Joseph, South Africa

What a great week of reflection and affirmation. Thank you for exposing me to different forms of love and the value of Self trust. Blessings to you both, – Medina Harverye, South Africa

 Thank you for such a wonderful adventure, it was a lot of fun. I learned a lot and met some amazing people. Marisa and Marcel you complement each other creating a great energy.  – Sarah Raine, Australia

Thank you so much Marisa and Marcel. Many ‘ah-ha’ moments for me on this retreat. – Natalie de la Porte, South Africa

Thank you, thank you, thank you for an amazing retreat. Well organized, stunning setting and 14 beautiful l, loving, strong women. They knew how to have fun and I learnt from them as well. The workshops made a valuable impact and I will take the ‘tools’ you gave me to live the best life that I was meant to live. Herzlichen Dank! – Lucille Dill-Bowers, Germany

Thank you for a wonderful experience – For creating a safe and loving space for people to share and the opportunity for all of us to come together. Continue making a difference in other people’s lives. – Anita Fredericks, South Africa

A huge thank you to both Marcel and Marisa for an amazing experience. Thanks for all the lessons of love, it was absolutely amazing! – Zea Lamprecht, South Africa


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