Consciousness Workshops

Consciousness Workshops with Marcel D’Allende

Journey to SELF

  • Completion and Forgiveness – Ever wonder why you keep on attracting the same stuff you DO NOT want over and over? With the process of completion and forgiveness of Self and others, you will stop attracting all the unwanted things/experiences and start manifesting what you actually want in life.
  • Full Self expression – Consider that when we are in full self expression in all aspects of our lives, we are living as a Creator instead of a Victim to our circumstances (living in reaction). In this workshop we start inquiring into acceptance of Self and others and how to constantly be a Creator of our lives.
  • Inquiry into Love – First we get clear on the distinction between love and relating! This inquiry will have you BEING love instead of feeling the conditioned love we have grown to accept. You will have a new awareness of relating with people, without expectations and non-agreements –no more disappointment and hurt. Experience the joy of sharing from the heart where unconditional love is found.
  • Creation of your Greatest Grandest Version of yourself – ‘As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as in being able to remake ourselves.’ — Mahatma Gandhi.  We start the creation process by gaining clarity of your passion, and step into creating / recreating the greatest version of your Self.
  • Silence ‘Presence’ Walk – Take in the beauty of nature and presence yourself in the moment. Experience the joy and happiness which is found being in the ‘here and now’ through silence.
Journey to LOVE

  • Self-Acceptance and Self Love:
You have to be in full acceptance of who you are to authentically step into this world and yet some of us deny the very essence of who we are and wonder why we feel so unfulfilled, unhappy, discontented. What if you could BE who you are 100% of the time? How much more inspiring will your life be and how will that improve your relationship with Self and Others?
I invite you to consider that our external world mirrors our internal world. Have you noticed how you judge / criticize yourself and others? Are you aware that the actual judgement of others is merely a part of yourself that you are denying existence? Are you actively demonstrating love and compassion for yourself?

With this 2 day workshop, you start the process of ‘owning’ the parts you deny and integrating it into your life. Self-Acceptance is the key to Self-Love and if we do not accept certain parts of our Selves, we cannot fully embrace who we are, we will never be Whole.

Once you’ve mastered Self-Acceptance, you can confidently BE who you ARE without fear of judgement, fear of rejection, fear of being alone. You will be able to own and love your Self and confidently communicate with others which will leave them empowered and you in full self-expression. You will be able to stand for your truth, trust your Self and respect yourself enough to confidently step into this world.

Our practical exercises will have you nurturing, honoring, and actively loving yourself, have you confidently step into this world as your authentic Self.

  • Love and Connection:

“I have no fear of losing u, for you aren’t an object of my property, or anyone else’s. I love you as you are, without attachment, without fears, without conditions, without egoism, trying not to absorb you. I love you freely because I love your freedom, as well as mine.” Anthony de Mello

What if you could love everybody the same as you love the beautiful rose that blossoms in front of your eyes, with appreciation and simply marvelling at it’s beauty? Love is the only currency in this world worth living and fighting for and there is no better space to live into than a true love connection.

You will gain awareness of how to love without fear, without expectations, without a concept. You will identify the ‘patterns’ of the past and make better choices for your future.  This workshop is not just aimed at romantic love. You will learn how to source your own love and Become LOVE, thus attract more love into your life.

This 2 day workshop is a very powerful inquiry, with lots of practical exercises which will transform your ‘loving from conditions’ to being a source of love for yourself and others.


  • Authentic Sharing: A practical exercise to experience sharing your truth without fear of judgement or how it is received.


*** The workshops are 3-4 hours each and are held in the mornings only. ***

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