About Marcel D’Allende – Consciousness Coach



Marcel D’Allende, founder of ACESO Wellness, has successfully participated in the international corporate environment over the past 20 years in the challenging Information Technology (IT) sector as well as the project management field. Marcel has chosen to transition to her passion of empowering women by means of coaching, motivational speaking and the wellness sector over the past 3 years. Her personal awakening to ‘inner wisdom’ is what fuels her excitement to coach and motivate women to live inspiring lives and tap into their intuitive wisdom.

She is fun, curious, straightforward, creative and an innovative Consciousness Coach® and believes in being compassionate i.e. getting what you are going through while continuing to demand the best of you.

Her philosophy is to live an authentic and connected life and her vision is to be a vehicle of transformation. She supports women to live consciously and to become the greatest, grandest versions of themselves and be beacons of light in their communities.

Marcel is an Accredited Consciousness Coach® and Professional Life Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation.

 About Marisa van Vuuren – Hatha Yoga Teacher


Marisa van Vuuren is a Registered Yoga Teacher with the worldwide Yoga Alliance. She completed her teacher’s training in India, Vrindavan through the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre. Marisa has been practicing yoga for over 11 years.

She teaches a vibrant blend of styles and include relaxation, pranayama (breathing techniques), sun salutations and a dynamic flowing sequence of asanas (postures) bringing awareness into mindfulness and energy flow. Marisa also does Reiki and brings a Holistic approach to her classes.

“I am honored to be an instrument in bringing the benefits and transformational powers of Yoga to others. Yoga’s direct positive effect on the body & mind transforms our relationship with ourselves and the world we live in. The practice of yoga generates healing, excellent health & peace of mind. Through Yoga we can investigate our own bodies, discover our strengths and weaknesses and grow from these discoveries. Each person’s knowledge and experience of life blends into their practice of Yoga, thereby making it an unique experience.”

Born in South Africa in the Karoo. Marisa has been living in Zanzibar for the past 8 years. She is the founder of Yoga Zanzibar, the first and only yoga alternative in Zanzibar and Divine Diving, Yoga & Dive Center. She is inspired by Zanzibar’s ambience, colors, turquoise blue ocean, simplicity of lifestyle, its people and sunsets. Marisa is also a PADI Dive Master and finds Yoga and diving a true complement as Yoga practice helps you regulate your breath and entering a meditative state while diving.

Marisa is also part of an online Yoga Community offering yoga video classes allowing you to practice yoga whenever and wherever. To get a taste and feel of Marisa’s yoga classes you can visit www.bemoreyogic.com

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