About the Retreat

Barefoot Yoga & Consciousness Retreat is a powerful combination of Consciousness Coaching Workshops, Yoga and Expressive Dancing. You can also include a Reiki Treatment or a Life Coaching Session on request.

All the hard work has been taken care of – Your accommodation has tastefully been chosen, excursions booked, your relaxation carefully planned. All you do is book your flight and be open for a life changing experience. Our commitment is for you to leave your holiday feeling relaxed, de-stressed, re-energized, inspired, moved and touched to return to your life with new life tools of your own creations.

Our workshop inquiries are designed for you to start experimenting in a safe environment. And with our professional onsite coaching support, you will feel confident to implement any or all the inquiries into your daily life and impact your reality in a more positive manner.

Embark on a magical journey with us and experience the joy of returning to SELF. Expand beyond the limits and get in touch with what your heart most desires for you- to connect deeply with Self, with others and nature.

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